Testimonials for PlowShare


I had a chance to look at this and it is an impressive accomplishment. I cannot think of a single thing that I would want to know about the original language that you have not provided. The color coding and other codes are brilliant. The flyovers are great. It is nothing short of being a great tool. Everything that I tried is fast.

I also like what you do when I click on one of the Strongs numbers-nice touch.

Regarding the discussion we had concerning the Greek text. As I think about it, the really great thing about the Stephanus text is that it is probably the least controversial. Even though I see value in modern research on the text, I am also aware that the differences are so minor that I would use this tool without concern. On the other hand, many who would gain benefit from your work, would shy away from it were it not based on this text. So this is a good choice.

Mr. Don Curtis
Bible Teacher


I got on to the website. Your work is amazing. It shows an incredible desire to honor the Lord and his word. Thank you for making this availiable to the people of God. I believe it will have an important role in the coming days. Bless you.

Pastor Mark N.