An Online Interlinear for the
Clarified Textus Receptus,™
the 1550 Stephanus
and 1525 Ben Chayyim
- 2019 Mickelson (ברמיכאל).

Featuring the
Mickelson Clarified Translation®
(the MCT Bible)

In-depth research to verify the truth of a matter.

An Advanced Interlinear


Features (more...)

Full Interlinear
  • Greek, Hebrew, and English with Strong's numbers
  • Instant hover highlighting and word definition lookup.
  • Greek morphology and Hebrew parts of speech, color coded (Professional+)
  • Do word searches with click, even by context!
  • Exclusive! Full use of Mickelson's context numbers, for unprecedented clarity.
Contextual Dictionaries of the Holy Scriptures
  • The extensive Mickelson Clarified Dictionaries of Old and New Testament Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic.
  • Instantly view all the root words (4 levels) and the comparable/contrasting words, and other relevant words.
  • A masterwork with extended entries for additional root words, and for the Octuagint® (a full reconciling of the Septuagint and Hebrew).
  • Search dictionary entries by any or all fields.
Exhaustive Research
  • Search in English or in Greek or Hebrew.
  • Use wildcards,
    or regular expressions (Professional),
    or result filtering (Advanced only).
  • Search by word contexts (using the Mickelson context numbers).
  • Search multiple words by proximity (by specific distance or a range).
  • Search by word and morphology.
  • Do multiple searches and plow deeper into a study.

The Purpose

The PlowShare Interlinear exists to allow a deep study of the Greek and Hebrew texts of the Clarified Textus Receptus™ (1550 Stephanus and 1525 Ben Chayyim - 2019 Mickelson) using an online Interlinear Bible. It does not exist to provide comparisons among hundreds of different and varied translations as this is contrary to its purpose.

Its purpose is to act as a stepping stone to the Greek and Hebrew texts by allowing the student to dig deep into the Word itself, thus the name "PlowShare." The intent is to "bring the English speaking person to the Word of God, and not the Word of God to the English speaking person."

Therefore, the priority is to enable the student to begin and continue the study of the Word of God itself, using the online interlinear bible or the print editions.

The included Mickelson Clarified Translation (MCT) is Concept for concept, Context for context, Word for word.® (Yes, all three for the New Testament, and approaching it for the Old Testament).

Read more at MCT Bible .org

Celebrating 18 full years of "plowing the field."

- Luke 17:7

As of April 2019, more than 42,500 hours have been devoted to this endeavor at the plowman's own expense.

Online Pricing

Basic (Easy)

$ 10 /month
  • Greek & Hebrew Interlinear
  • Research shows results in the search language only
  • Strong's numbering
  • Mickelson's context numbers
  • Contextual Dictionaries (MCT)
  • Wildcard searches
  • Group by Strong's
  • Search for two words
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Discrete text zoom (in/out)
  • 3 Research Tabs


$ 15 /month
  • Features from Basic
  • PLUS...
  • Interlinear includes Morphology (color coded)
  • Research shows results in Interlinear format
  • Search by Regular Expression
  • Search by Parsing information
  • Group by Strong's and Distinct Usage
  • Search for five words (all within advanced proximities)
  • 6 Research Tabs


$ 25 /month
  • PLUS...
  • Filter the Research Results
  • Show the "Word Proof" status
  • 8 Research Tabs


$ 50+ /month
  • PLUS...
  • Progress Statistics
  • Early access to
    Octuagint® Interlinear

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