Subscription Details for PlowShare

PlowShare Basic - Online Scripture Study for Home

In general, the Basic subscription is suitable for home study to know what is written and to properly correlate like passages and thoughts with one another, and to put them into effective personal practice (i.e. personal study and growth).

PlowShare Professional - Online Scripture Study for Instructors and Students

The Professional subscription includes parsing information and helps to know why a a passage is written thus, or rather, is translated in a particular manner. One cannot even begin to discuss the proper expression of Scripture without knowing the parts of speech and grammar. With this knowledge, you can begin to know the actual Scriptures directly (i.e. suitable for local fellowship or congregational maturing).

PlowShare Advanced - Online Scripture Study for Scholars and Translators

The Advanced subscription is for serious translators, instructors, and scholars (and for any serious-minded workman of God) who endeavors to both do rightly, instruct rightly, and press onward to set things aright (regional and global maturing of the Chosen People of God). These are must have features if one studies the actual Scriptures for 4+ hours a day (Yes, brothers, there are those who do this daily).

PlowShare Patron - Online Scripture Study for Scholars and Translators

Your Patron subscription has all the features of PlowShare Advanced plus access to a special grid showing the progress being made and work remaining.

As of April 2019, completion progress was 99.9932% for the New Testament translation and 99.91% for its companion Dictionary. Completion progress was 81.47% for the Old Testament translation and 43.05% for its companion Dictionary (which is interlinked to the Octuagint Dictionary).

This is roughly a 25 year project for Old and New Testament and their companion Dictionaries. February 2019 marked the 16th year of this calling and patient endeavor. More than 42,500 hours have been devoted directly to this diligent effort, with a labor value exceeding $5,312,500.

For the past 16 years, the work has largely pressed onward with merely the warm smiles and well-wishes of the Redeemed of God. Will you support the work? Thank you for your patronage.

Note: The Terms of Use for are strictly enforced, including manual and automated account suspension for inappropriate site activity, from 1 to 21 days per incident. Access to these research tools is a privilege and should safe-guarded as such. (There is no refund when inappropriate site activity occurs nor when account termination is deemed necessary).

Comparison of Features

Basic (Easy)

$ 10 /month
  • Greek & Hebrew Interlinear
  • Research shows results in the search language only
  • Strong's numbering
  • Mickelson's context numbers
  • Contextual Dictionaries (MCT)
  • Wildcard searches
  • Group by Strong's
  • Search for two words
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Discrete text zoom (in/out)
  • 3 Research Tabs


$ 15 /month
  • Features from Basic
  • PLUS...
  • Interlinear includes Morphology (color coded)
  • Research shows results in Interlinear format
  • Search by Regular Expression
  • Search by Parsing information
  • Group by Strong's and Distinct Usage
  • Search for five words (all within advanced proximities)
  • 6 Research Tabs


$ 25 /month
  • PLUS...
  • Filter the Research Results
  • Show the "Word Proof" status
  • 8 Research Tabs


$ 40+ /month
  • PLUS...
  • Progress Statistics
  • Access to
    Octuagint® Interlinear

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